Capacity Building


Under this objective, the following capacity building programmes are planned for different stakeholders. 



  • On tools and methodologies in climate change research at advanced research institutes in India and abroad
  • Short term visit of senior officers to advanced countries
  • Inviting foreign experts to conduct hands on training to Indian scientists and setting up and calibration of state of the art facilities up the state
Central/ State line department officers
  • On implications of climate variability in crop management and contingency planning during droughts and floods
Farmers, NGOs, Self Help Groups (SHGs) and etc.
  • To create awareness on climate change and simple adaptation measures farmers can follow to cope with climate variability
  • The NGOs would be trained as trainers who in turn will train community based organizations (CBOs) and farmers
Development Banks, Co-operative Societies and Insurance Companies
  • On climate risk assessment and modelling
  • Methods for crop loss assessment due to climatic events and weather insurance products
  • On general awareness on climate change impact on agriculture and need for a policy framework for prudent use of energy and natural resources