15th Expert Committee Meetingof NICRA held under the chairmanship of DDG (NRM) on 12th June, 2020 through video conferencing


15th Expert Committee Meeting of NICRA was held under the chairmanship of Dr SK Chaudhari, DDG (NRM) through video conferencing.The conference was co-chaired by Dr TR Sharma, DDG (CS). Dr S Bhaskar, ADG (AAF&CC), Dr KK Singh,ADG (AE),Dr G Ravindra Chary, Director (Actg.), CRIDA & Member Secretary along withNICRA Expert Committee members participated in the meeting.

Dr SKChaudhari, DDG (NRM) appreciated commendable research outputs of strategic research and felt further upscalingthem through technology demonstrations.He suggested to document success stories under NICRA. Dr TR Sharma, DDG (CS) in his remarks suggested to continue the work of climate resilient varieties for abiotic stress and involve group of scientists (Plant breeders, agronomy, soil science, biotechnology). He has also emphasized the need to develop resilient varieties in oilseeds sector (soybean and rapeseed & mustard). Dr S Bhaskar, ADG (AAF&CC) in his remarks suggested that flux network can be strengthened in the next phase. Dr KK Singh, ADG (AE) has opined that monitoring of NICRA should be strengthened. Dr G Ravindra Chary, Director (Actg.), ICAR-CRIDA welcomed the participants and emphasized that the climate resilient varieties have to be given importance in next phase. This wasfollowed by presentation by Dr M Prabhakar, PI, NICRA,ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad. 

NICRA expert committee members have shared their views and suggestedto study the impact of technologies.The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Dr G Pratibha, Co-PI, NICRA, ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad.