Technical Review Workshop of Strategic Research Partner Institutes (Integrated Modeling) under NICRA organized at IIT, Chennai on 3rd May, 2019



Technical Review Workshop of Modeling Group institutes under strategic Research component of NICRA was held at Conference Hall-I, Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (ICSR), IIT, Chennai.


The session was chaired by Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG (NRM & AE) and co-chaired by Dr B Venkateswarlu, NICRA Expert Committee member.


Dr K Alagusundaram, DDG (NRM & AE) suggested that NICRA must be acknowledged for the work arising out of NICRA funding. The contribution of modeling work under NICRA may be quantified in terms of contribution to new knowledge generation, research and policy.


Dr G Ravindra Chary, Director (Actg.), CRIDA welcomed the participants and emphasized the need to bring the tangible outputs from modelling group. The session started with the overview of modelling group presented by Dr S Naresh Kumar, Co-PI, IARI, New Delhi followed by presentations from IISS, Bhopal; IISWC, Dehradun and IIT, Chennai; CRIDA, Hyderabad; CPRI, Shimla; IIHR, Bengaluru, CIBA, Chennai; CMFRI, Kochi and IARI, New Delhi.


The expert committee member opined that there should be frequent meetings with in the group and exchange of data sets. It was emphasized to acknowledge NICRA funding in all the publications. It is also suggested to bring out the outputs from modeling group in the form of technical bulletin. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair by Dr M Prabhakar, PI, NICRA.