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Real-time crop monitoring system using satellite data reception and management system

On-farm burning of rice straw in Punjab: Using the satellite data reception and management system, real-time monitoring of rice straw burning in Punjab was estimated. The system provided information of the area under active fire on real-time basis. It was estimated that about 15 million tons of rice straw was burned in Punjab during October-November, 2013. The system will be useful to assess the extent of paddy straw burning and pollution problem including greenhouse gas emission due to straw burning.

Crop monitoring system: Developed a prototype web-enabled system for real time monitoring of crop condition, rainfall and land surface temperature across all districts of India using real time satellite images. Created a database of three parameters for all the districts of India from 2001-2013.  The web-portal allows visualizing the real-time situation of a parameter of current period vis-à-vis long term average and that in last year.

An Aggregated Drought Index (ADI) which is a multivariate drought index that considers all physical forms of drought (i.e. meteorological, hydrological and agricultural) was developed through selection of input variables related to each drought type. The index was validated for the drought year of 2002 with NDVI values. Spatial distribution of ADI and NDVI values match closely indicating that ADI can be used as an index drought monitoring.

Long term trend analysis of crop water demand for major crops in the IGP showed marginal increasing trend of crop water demand for rice, sugarcane and wheat in both southwest Punjab (Muktsar, Sangrur and Nawanshahr districts) and Satluj and Ghaggar (Rupnagar, Moga and Patiala districts) regions.


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