Soil erosionl



Stress management in sheep:

Ameliorative measures to combat water stress in sheep:

Feeding of @ 1 kg Opuntia (prickly pear cactus) per animal per day compensated mild water restriction up to 1 L without any significant effect on feed intake in adult sheep during summer. Opuntia could provide 0.88 L of water, increases N retention and also meets nutrient requirement of the animals. This is an effective alternative in arid areas where low rainfall leads to drought and acute water shortage.

 Cactus plant  Cactus feeding to sheep

Special shelter to protect sheep from heat stress has been designed and constructed. This multi-storey-type design is conceptualised by looking at Hindu rituals ‘Yangya’ conducted in such designed house where people at and around ‘Yangya Sthal’ doesn’t feel the heat of fire, which emitted at top giving a relatively cool atmosphere at the ground. In this, the house (40’×20×24’) is made up of two-line brick walls (4‘ height), the centre being filled with sand and is fitted with water pipes having holes that allows simulated water drops to make the sand layer wet and to maintain a cool atmosphere and desired humidity level, which generally is lacking in arid and semi-arid regions. The first year observation during May, 2013 on temperature-humidity pattern shows encouraging results.




Yangya-type shed for to protect from summer stress




Amelioration of climatic stress through shelter management:

Special shelter to protect lamb from cold stress has been designed and constructed. These shelters were found to be providing optimal micro environment for better production from sheep.

 Pucca shelter to protect lamb from cold stress  Make shift shelter to protect lamb from cold stress







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