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A seven day training programme on “Climatic and Edaphic stress management under a changing climate scenario in Hill Agriculture- Applications of high throughput instruments" under NICRA organized.


3-9 March, 2022, Umiam, Meghalaya


The ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya organized the Training Programme on “Climatic and Edaphic stress management under a changing climate scenario in Hill Agriculture- Applications of high throughput instruments” from 3rd to 9th March, 2022. The program was organized as part of the HRD stream of National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) project. A total of thirty numbers (30 nos.) of participants comprising mostly Research and Scientific Officers, Assistant Director of Agriculture, and SMSs, from different state departments and KVKs of Meghalaya Government successfully participated in the programme.


Inaugurating the programme, Dr. V. K. Mishra, Director of the Institute stressed the vulnerability of mountain agriculture to climate change and the importance of developing climate-resilient hill agriculture, especially for the NEH region. The trainees were sensitized about the climate change induced multiple climatic and edaphic stresses in hill agriculture and their management strategies. Exposure visit to climate change research facilities created under NICRA in the Institute, including state of the art facilities (FATE and CTGCs) followed by hand on exercise in the techniques of detection of such stresses through advanced tools/equipment was imparted. In addition, few important issues related to climate change covered in the weeklong training were study of carbon footprint,applications of geospatial tools in stress detection in soils and plants, GHG emission from crops and livestock and mitigation strategies, plant disease detection and next-generation management under changing climate scenarios, plant breeding approaches for developing climate resilient crops, etc.Besides, climate resilient adaptation strategies developed by the Institute under NICRA in hill agriculture and allied sectors including livestock were shared in a series of interaction with the concerned expert scientists working in the field under NICRA project.  The training programme was organized by a group of scientists working in NICRA (Mrs. M. Prabha Devi, Dr. B.U. Choudhury, Dr. Krishnappa R, Dr. A. Balusamy, and Dr. Pampi Paul).


                                           Inagruationby Dr. V.K.Mishra (Director) on 3rd March, 2022 at ICAR RC for NEH, Meghalaya


                                                                                Exposure visit to CTGCs facilities in NICRA fields  
                                                                                 Hand-on exercise to climate resilient technologies


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