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Seven-day training programme on "Enhancing Resilience to Climate Stress in Hill Agriculture under Climate Change" organized under NICRA .



14th-21st March, 2022 at ICAR RC NEH, Umiam, Meghalaya


The ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya organized a seven dayTraining Programme onEnhancing Resilience to Climate Stress in Hill Agriculture under Climate Change"organized under NICRA (HRD component) from 14th-21st March, 2022. A total of thirty three numbers (33 nos.) of participants comprising mostly research staff from Nagaland University, Tezpur University, Guwhati University, Madras University, NEHU Shillong and Research staff and technical officers from ICAR RC NEH, Umiam have undergone the above training.


Inaugurating the programme on 14th March, 2022, Dr. S. K Das, Director In-charge of the Institute emphasized the importance on imminent climatic vulnerabilities and urgent need of enhancing climate resiliency to the hill ecosystem apparent in the Northeastern Himalayan Region (NER). Participants were sensitized to the severity of the occurrence of various emergent biotic and abiotic stresses and their appropriate management strategies for mountain agriculture by various experts.Field exposure visit followed by a series of talks and hand-on exercise in the Institute research facilities including FATE and CTGCs, Plant growth chamber, GC for GHGs emission, TOC for carbon studies, photosynthetic system and other physiological tools were imparted. 


In addition to the in-house scientists, five (05) eminent climate change research experts were invited as guest speakers outside the Institute. Dr Praveen Rahi, Scientist (Microbiology) at NCCS-NCMR in Pune, gave a presentation on "Role of Microbes for enhancing climatic stress resilience and their management".Dr Senthilkumar Muthappa, Scientist-V at CSIR-NIPGR, New Delhi bespoke on “Combined abiotic and biotic stresses in field crops and their characterization and management”. Since quality seeds have become an important part of resilience to climate stress, Professor Dr Nethra Nagarajappa from UAS, Bangalore, explained about "Seed Quality enhancement Techniques under stressful conditions of changing climate".  A leading expert in the field of photosynthesis, Dr James Jacob, former director of the Rubber Research Institute of India (Kerala)illuminated on 'Photosynthetic efficiency and changes under climate change'.In addition, Dr Neha Chuarasia, Adjunct Professor (Biotechnology) in the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, NEHU, Shillong, apprised on “Climatic stress management: application of Biotechnology”.


During valedictory, Director of the institute, Dr V K Mishra underlined the need to improve soil and environmental health for future generations, while maintaining the productivity of sensitive hill ecosystems. This seven day training programme was organized by a group of scientists working under NICRA viz., Dr Krishnappa R, Dr. B.U. Choudhury, Mrs. M. Prabha Devi, Dr Bijoya Bhattacharjee, Dr Jayanta Layek, Dr Amit Kumar and Dr C. Aochen


                                                      Hand on exercise to abiotic stress management under open and controlled conditions.
      Valedictory function presided overby the Director of ICAR NEH, Umiam Dr. V.K.Mishra on 21stMarch, 2022 at DNB hall of ICAR RC for NEH,                                                                                                           Meghalaya


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