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Review of NICRA, IIHR Field Trails on Mango in Tamil Nadu

A field visit was organized to mango orchard of Dr. S. Renganathan, Kollapatti Village of Krishnagiri district, Tamilnadu, where a very large scale field trial was undertaken to overcome staggered and induce synchronized flowering in Alphonso mango with the protocol developed and tested successfully by IIHR for the past three years as per the approved technical programme under the NICRA project. Dr. T. Janakiram, ADG (HS II, ICAR, New Delhi) and Dr. S. Bhaskar, ADG (AAF &CC, ICAR, New Delhi) along with NICRA team from IIHR participated in the field visit. The IIHR product (Arka Saka Nivarak) was sprayed for induction of synchronized vegetative shoot development and flowering.

It is observed that in the trees sprayed with the IIHR protocol, flowering pattern is uniform and highly synchronized and all the trees have flowered irrespective of previous year’s output. It was also found that a few trees that did not flower till now (>6 years) have also responded well to the protocol and flowered synchronously for the first time. The flowering is early, compared to last year, by more than a month. In unsprayed trees the flowering started after 2nd week of December and is continuing to date. The flowering in unsprayed trees is very sparse (about 3 to 5% trees have flowered) and not uniform. The team advised to generate the necessary data to interpret the outcome. The ADG (HS-II) suggested that the trial may be continued for one more year and process be initiated for patent protection of   the protocol.


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