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Chief Secretary and Former Home Secretary, Govt. of Jharkhand, visited NICRA Village at KVK Gumla

Mrs. Rajbala Verma, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Jharkhand and Shri J. B. Tubid former Home Secretary, Govt. of Jharkhand visited KVK Gumla, Vikas Bharti Bishunpur on 13th March 2017. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Senior Scientist & Head briefed the ongoing activities carried out by the KVK. Field visit was organized to seed production programme, Breed improvement in goat and their out scaling, Sand bag check dam (Bora Band) and live demonstration of drip irrigation, Vegetables cultivation, Area expansion under Rabi crop especially of Wheat, Pig breeding centre and their outscaling and IFS model at farmers field. Chief  secretary showned keen interest in the technologies dissemination and need based initiative especially of “Bora-Bandh”, promotion of improved breed of goat and pig, Mango plantation, Space utilization with a judicious use of latest technologies for vegetable cultivation. She was impressed by seeing the wheat cultivation in more than 200 ha in one cluster in NICRA adopted village Gunia, Burhu, Belagarha and Jargatoli. She appreciated the work done under NICRA programme and their direct impact on the farmers field is really an outstanding initiative and commendable work of KVK Gumla especially of Bora-Bandh. She enquired about the process of people involvement in the programme and making them for their adoption. NICRA initiative had become a learning platform for many stakeholders who involved in the process of farm production and farmer income enhancement. She assured all the best practices of NICRA should be widely replicated across the state. During her visit she had interaction with farm women Smt. Manju Devi of Bahar serka Bishunpur. She narrated her success of breed improvement in Goat. Mrs. Bhado Devi of Bahar serka (commercial vegetable grower), Mrs. Savitri Devi of Burhu (High Density Guava Cultivation) and Mrs. Renu Devi of Belagarha (commercial pig farming). All of them narrated their success stories with earning ranging from rupees Twenty five thousand to three lakhs per annum. Padamshree Shri Ashok Bhagat, Chairman KVK Gumla also accompanied her during field visit.

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