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Annual Action Plan and Review Workshop of NICRA-KVKs of ATARI Zone VI (Guwahati) and Zone VII (Barapani) held at Assam Agricultural University, Guwahati

A two day annual action plan and review workshop of KVKs involved in the Technology Demonstration Component of NICRA in Zone VI and Zone VII was held at College of Veterinary Sciences, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati from 10-11 July 2017. The workshop was chaired by Dr Randhir Singh, ADG (Agricultural Extension), ICAR, New Delhi and co-chaired by Dr B.C.Deka, Director-ATARI (Zone-VII) and by Dr A.K.Tripathi Director-ATARI (Zone-VI). Dr H.C. Bhattacharyya, Director of Extension, Assam Agricultural University, Dr. P.Hazarika, Deputy Director of Extension, Assam Agricultural University were also present. Dr. Deka in his welcome address spoke about the climatic vulnerabilities being addressed by the KVKs in both the zones and the significant achievements of various KVKs in the zone. Dr Tripathi in his remarks spoke about the need for focusing interventions for the specific climatic variability and emphasised the need for quantification of the impact of interventions. Dr JVNS Prasad, Co-PI, TDC of NICRA, ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad briefly summarised the technology demonstration component of NICRA and the significant achievements so far, approach for scaling up of the proven resilient practices in the NICRA villages which is to be adopted in the next phase of NICRA. Dr Bhattacharyya informed the significant achievements of the KVKs of Assam Agricultural University and their impact in the adopted villages. Dr Randhir Singh spoke about the need for summerising the work done so far by the KVKs in the form of a comprehensive publication. He also emphasised the need for greater involvement of the departments and policy makers in the programme for the integration of the identified resilient practices in the developmental programmes and for scaling up.
The meeting was attended by 23 KVKs participating KVKs in the NICRA programme in all the North eastern states and also the subject matter specialists of the respective KVKs. KVKs presented the significant achievements of the NICRA programme in the last 6 years and the action plan for the next year 2017-18. The work done by the KVKs and the action plans proposed were reviewed and number of suggestions were made.
Dr R Bordoloi, Pr.Scientist (AE), ICAR-ATARI, UMIAM proposed formal vote of thanks.
(Source: ICAR- CRIDA, Hyderabad)




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